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Preggy Pillow - Comfi-Curve
Preggy Pillow - Comfi-Curve
Preggy Pillow - Comfi-Curve

Preggy Pillow - Comfi-Curve

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An invaluable pillow for pregnant and breast-feeding mums.

It promotes a more comfortable sleeping posture, allowing one to awaken feeling refreshed and revitalized.

  • Size:  140 cm x 42 cm  -  curved in shape.
  • Inner casing of Ball Fibre filling sealed in T300 100% Pure Cotton.
  • The zip allows you to alter the filling to suit your needs.
  • The Pillow case T200 White Pure Cotton.
  • Supplied in zipped bag.

The Comfy Curve Body Pillow has a zipped opening which allows one to re-arrange or regulate the inner filling according to your personal preference.

The pillow may also be used to support baby while breastfeeding, lying down or sitting upright. It also makes a comfortable back rest for Mum.

Supplied by Beds & Pillows.